It seems this is designed to incite class warfare. The poor who never had health care get covered, but people who could afford their own insurance now pay more. Business owners go out of business or cut their employee's hours or jobs. The whole system needs to go back to basics. You work or you don't eat. This would change a lot of minds to be more self sufficient. We have a Marxist leaning government. People are encouraged to do less and seek help from the government. Jails need to go where criminals lay back, get fed, watch tv, weight lift, recruit for gangs at working people's expense. In the 1st Covenant under Moses you paid restitution for any thefts, criminal acts. The death penalty must also be used where deserved. We don't know how to run our nation because we have left the LORD. SIN PRODUCES ALL MANNER OF STUPIDITY. The people want abortion, same sex marriage and all manner of fornication and perversions. America is ripe for judgement and I believe it may be sooner than we think. The Lord Jesus Christ is returning to set things straight.                                                                                  His servant, Peter