Personally I don't see a pre-trib. rapture. The verses many think is the rapture has no actual timing as to when it is to occur, except when you consider the last trump of 1Cor.15:52. 
Also it is not a rapture, but a resurrection/rapture. All throughout scripture the resurrection is on the last day. Mathew 24 states clearly that it happens Immediately after the tribulation. I do see where the fulfilment of many prophecies points to 70ad at the destruction of the temple. However the Lord did not come back. His coming is always associated with wrath and judgement. Therefore it must be in the future. Now then, with the spread of the sodomite lifestyle world wide, the nations going into complete chaos ( Luke 17:26-30 ), borders coming down ( Isa. 10:13 ), weapons that fulfil the "elements melting" which is thermal nuclear heat, 
( 2 Peter 3:10 ) the need for the gospel to be published accross the entie world, not just the apostles known world at that time.( C0l.1:6 ) Then the rise of Islamic crusade to conqure the earth for Allah, using beheading as their gospel ( Rev. 20:4 ) 
The prophet Daniel was told to seal the book for it is for an appointed time when transportation and technology is greatly increased. Dan.12. Has all this been fulfilled in 70A.D. ?? Is it not apparent that their is a increasingly hostile atmosphere toward real Christians. It is true that there has always been a hatred of Christians and Jews through out history. The difference is today it can be all fulfilled, not partially, but totally. Read the AFFORDABLE HEATHCARE ACT where they plan to chip / tattoo us. Is this not the MARK OF THE BEAST? His servant, Peter   
Why Middle East Violence is Not Evidence the ‘Rapture’ or the End of the World is Near