We who understand freedom and it's basis in the Bill of Rights know that it was put their for one to speak his mind, just as Kohn has the right to express her views. When  some race or gendered orientation people don't want to allow our rights ( as their rights of free speech are allowed ) then we are entering the " TOILET ZONE " THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. For in the toilet zone are men who wear dresses and woman's makeup! They try to seduce your child. The very image of them can send a child into shock, leaving a life time of trauma, confusion.  
They want to censor, silence DECENT, GOD FEARING people so they can practice their LEWD, VILE, SEXUAL FANTASIES. They want you to approve of them as people. But they are not real people. They are in DISGUISE, Trying to fool , trick, deceive you into believing they are the opposite sex ( or worse ). This is a DEMONIC COMMUNIST PLOT to bring the USA into ruin , dishonor, bring the WRATH OF ALMIGHTY GOD UPON US. Them that don't allow other viewpoints will soon be slaves. In fact they are already in the grip of SEXUAL BONDAGE. THIS IS THEIR WHOLE LIFE. Nothing else matters, Just QUEErDOM. {Oh, before I forget, thank you for allowing me my opinion}                                                                
        As the Muslims and LGBLTQQ++ come together with the liberal progressive socialists in their favorite pastime  ( pedophilia, homophilia ) The persecution from this darkness, evil escalates. Soon thy will be murdering the Christians and God fearing Jews and Muslims in America as overseas , Europe. Our great hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. They can kill the body but not our soul. We belong to the LORD. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. His servant, Peter   http://unfilteredpatriot.com/cnns-sally-kohn-good-that-conservative-speech-is-censored/