What is seriously sick is being seriously debated. The 1st case; confused gender identity people vs. American psychiatric assoc. of confused psychiatrists. 2nd case: little children vs. SEXUAL DEVIATES.  3RD CASE: LORD GOD vs. America. Any adult who wants laws past to have sex with children ( and the LORD Himself knows the hearts of men and their motives ) is going to lose their souls for eternity in THE LAKE OF FIRE.  
IN THE 1ST CASE; the APA decided to take SODOMITES off the MENTALLY ILL / DISTURBED LIST. In the 2nd case; the LITTLE CHILDREN ARE THE LOSERS because by virtue of being innocent , but the ADULTS who are supposed to protect them are The REAL LOSERS. Case 3; THE CONSCIENCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BEFORE A HOLY GOD TO ALLOW THESE ABOMINATIONS TO CONTINUE; esp the CHURCH OF GOD. The saints must rise up NOW IN STRONG CONDEMNATION OF THESE PERVERTS. If you as a Christian do not have the back bone to stand against such practices then please leave the CHURCH AND JOIN THE QBLT/ SATANIC CULT. It is time for WAR. SPIRITUAL WARFARE, FASTING, PRAYING. The church must come together now in one VOICE FOR THE HONOR OF OUR Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How can any of us who have tasted the forgiving mercy of our Lord keep silent. Be ofgood courage. Lose your 501c3 handcuffs. Suffer a little for the LORD. It will be worth it all in eternity. Call a solemn assembly, now is the time. Don't end up standing naked before your Savior, ashamed. If the church does not now make a real sacrifice of themselves to the LORD then judgement must fall upon the church 1st. May the LORD grant us repentance to life, strength for the battle. THE BATTLE IS THE LORDS.                     His servant, Peter