The LORD has come down to us, He has sent His angels to His churches. They look, they see, they report to the LORD.  

The plumb line is raised, the balances applied by His eternal standard of His righteousness. My churches are found lacking integrity. Truth, honesty are in the background. The righteousness of God is replaced with philosophies. Faith wanes, there is no power in My churches. Money, filthy lucre exalted. Covetous doctrines fleece My sheep. Fornication, adultery, abortion are common. There is no repentance, therefore there is no forgiveness. 

The AX OF THE LORD IS RAISED UPON THE SHEPHERDS OF AMERICA. Every pulpit that does not bring forth good fruit is cut down and cast into the fire. You have caused My people to err. Your lite psychological sermons, books, writings, keep My saints in darkness, fear and evil. There is no understanding of the true Christian faith. You have disguised it. My saints in past persecutions laid everything on My altar. Their children, wives, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers went to the gallows, eaten alive by lions, dogs, beasts, burnt alive, tortured, imprisoned. They totally, completely trusted the LORD no matter how great the suffering they were made to endure. They gave glory to their God, not fearing the unrighteous decrees of kings, but feared the LORD GOD. They endured as seeing Him that was invisible.  

Your churches, pastors, teachers have forgotten this great truth: That you owe everything, your very existence unto the LORD. His mercy endures forever. His grace, unspeakable joy of His giving His life as a ransom. To be joint heirs with Christ, to enjoy Him for eternity. This is the fellowship of His sufferings. But you magnify pleasures, luxuries, ease of comfort. You know not you were saved to suffer with the Lord Jesus Christ. You have lied to My saints offering them Christianity Lite. Therefore My righteousness judgment is upon the IDOL SHEPHERDS. Them that are clean will flee your DENS OF MAMMON. The AX is coming down on your PULPITS. 

This letter is written to the guilty, You know who you are. To the rest of the churches, be brave, very courageous. For a great trial is about to come on you. Prepare ye a holy people.  His servant, Peter