There is an agenda to take over the country by Sissifying, SODOMIZING the young men. Here is what needs to be done. A reign of TERROR against crime, traitors. Start executions, military tribunes. Obama, Soros, Clintons many in congress, senate need to be executed if found guilty for treason. The legal government must bring charges now against these communist pedophiles, put them on trial and if found guilty of treason swift military tribunal firing squad. If riots start the police, national guard, military must use water canons, micro wave, gas. If they start shooting or using other deadly force against our troops then our troops need to open with live ammunition. Officials who refuse to obey laws need to be arrested now, jailed, swift trails. Chicago mayor Emmanual who refuses to stop breaking the law needs to be deported now to Israel. Others whether governors, mayors need to be arrested as Jerry Brown In California and jailed. Deportation of all violent criminals now. Once the swamp is trained then we can move on to rounding up the satanic child sacrificing rings in our government. Secret societies have NO Place in government. We must print our own money and get rid of the Synagogue of Satan,PURGE THE MILITARY FROM THESE FALSE jEWS THAT THAT DISHONOR TRUE ISRAEL. 

Now do you actually believe this will happen ? Probably not. To many COWARDS with no vision of how to purge evil in our nation. The alternative; continue present course, let the communist progressives destroy the nation, total and complete chaos, anarchy, Muslims raping your wives, daughters, children, beheading your men. Sodomites reading wonderful homophile stories to you preschoolers in public libraries. Dismembering of unborn / born babies by the 10's of millions, selling their organs on the open market as a butcher sells meat. 

True righteousness, justice must punish the guilty, this is God's design in government ( Romans 13 ) or evil will run rampant as you see it now. The innocent must be protected, esp. the children from these perverts. Planned Parenthoods shut down now. Nurses, doctors that continue murdering babies executed for 1st degree murder under our legal laws. 

As Christians we are not to take the law into our own hands. We are to preach the gospel even to the wicked, for many of us have come out of these abominations. The Lord Jesus Christ will forgive anyone that comes to Him. Get ready saints they are coming after you. Give glory to God even unto death. Your reward is great. His servant, Peter