I am praying for South Africa. I know the White Europeans have taken advantage of the lesser developed civilization of Africa. While one world is building steam engines, railroads, ships and the other world is tribal communities fighting each other with spears, witchcraft, living in the most primitive ways. So the white man comes down to take your land by force, cruelty, torture as was the case in the Belgium Congo. Greed, money was the driving force to exploit this undeveloped people. Why did they not come to help the African so that they could have a better life? Why did they not give the African a fair share of the profits and help develop the land. Capitalism is corrupt when men use it for their own interests at the expense of others. It is a good thing to work and get paid proper. It is good to buy land and own it. This is only good if done honestly, otherwise the system will finally collapse into chaos, anarchy as is the case in the USA, European union. Man is a great sinner in every human race. The LORD God made all men of one blood. Acts 17.26  
Racial hatred is a very bad reason to steal land you have not purchased. It will destroy you, for it is not of God. Communism is a demonic system that promises Utopia. No one owns property except the ones ruling live like royalty. From Lenin , Stalin, to Mao in China this system has caused great suffering and 10's of millions murdered for its cause. Look at the former USSR. The system collapsed and the Zionist  Synagogue of Satan took over the banks, industries. Putin ran them out. This is why the USA hates Russia and Trump. The SOS runs America. Both capitalism without morality and communisn  by its nature cannot work, for it is a Zionist conspiracy. If the black man takes by force what he has not purchased he is doing the same thing the white European did to them. Regardless of who did what revenge is not the answer. The man interviewed understands that when the power is given to governments to take land from oppressors, it will finally take it away from the people it claims to help. Such is the nature of the BEAST. Africa must remain Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only real hope. His servant, Peter  www.eternalvalueministries.com  www.youtube.com/chaplainpeter1