The black people in America need a lot of healing! I looked over the police report of the Brown case. This was a 292 lb, 18yr. old who thought he was bullet proof. His attitude was I take want I want, do what I want and F you. The camera doesn't lie as he strong armed the owner of a store throwing him into a rack, steeling his cigars. A few minutes later he was confronted by the officer who killed him. This young man actually beat the officer and tried to get his gun. The forensic evidence and autopsy plus eyewitness accounts shows what happen. Are there blacks that are racially murdered, YES. This was NOT one of them. For this false preacher to support these terrorist BLACK LIVES MATTER is a shame and has nothing to do with Christ, but is anti christ. The black American needs the healing and forgiveness that only the true God can give them; The Lord Jesus Christ. All Jakes is doing is stirring the pot of racial hatred. Supporting a movement that kills white people, police and is totally contrary to the scriptures. Watch the video of Jakes and you will see he is out for revenge. When he calls for justice for Travon and Brown he is not speaking of lawful justice. Who would have not pulled out their pistol to shot a man beating your head into the cement pavement? Brown's attack was even more deadly. He actually beat the officer and went for his gun that went off in the patrol car. Right there, black or white you are going to be shot. Their is no excuse for such actions.  To my black brothers and sisters in Christ, who know His love and forgiveness that produces a new life; run from these preachers, have nothing to do with this racial hatred. Things will not get better, but worse as we enter a great time of tribulation as written in the scriptures. We must be faithful unto death, not hating and murdering people and police. May the Lord give us the strength to see Him that is invisible and walk by faith, not feelings and emotions. His servant, Peter  ( paste in address box )