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                                                       CIVIL WAR & INVASION OF USA

        I watched a Video on 07/06/20 by a pastor who had a dream about the things that are about to happen in America. I was stirred in my spirit that his dream was the same things the Lord was showing me. As I prayed and sought the Lord I had a vision: The Lord Jesus Christ took me by the hand into a room and shut the door. It was pitch black, I could not see a thing. Then the Lord opened a door into another room and we entered. The Light was so bright, so intense that I covered my face with my arm. We left the room and the Lord said to me, "Peter, when you were in the darkness was I there". "Yes Lord you were with me". The Lord asked,"When you were in the brightness of My glory was I there". "Yes Lord you were there". 

         The Lord said whether in extreme spiritual darkness, afflictions, persecutions, tribulations, even unto death, I am with you. The glory that will follow is so great that no man can stand it. You will be resurrected to live in that glory forever. "Do you believe this Peter". "Yes Lord I believe". 

          Therefore prepare yourselves for the coming trouble. Soon you will hear of mass murders on the news. Police stations, federal buildings will be bombed. President Trump will warn Americans of domestic terrorists and ask militias to fight. During this time it will be very bad for regular people who are caught in this civil war. Mass looting, shootings, wealth confiscation of savings, social security stolen. Hunger starts, mass starvation, cannibalism follows. Gangs go house to house in cities looking for food, guns, money and shelter. Angels are released to torment the masses. 

         Then Russia and China invade America. It will be in the spring of 2021. President Trump, members of congress that are still alive go into hiding. Forces of NWO take command of America. Then people who were fighting in the civil war will realize that this was not a struggle between Black Lives Matter and White Supremacists, but they were used for the collapse and takeover of America by antichrist forces. Russia, China and UN military starts rounding up all people. They separate the Black people into concentration camps where they are put to work to clean up and rebuild the wasted cities where the Communists will live in America. 

         The white people and all others will be divided by ideology: Them that are for the NWO and them that are against. The ones against the NWO are put into camps to rebuild the cities for them who go along with the NWO. The Black Americans will be used in the cruelest, harshest way because the Communists are Evolutionary Atheists and believe the Black man is on the lowest level of evolutionary progress. It is at this time I the Lord will raise up many Black Evangelists to reach out to the Black masses and many will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. For I am with them in their worst afflictions/darkness to bring them to glory.  

         As order is restored by foreign troops Christians are systematically separated into special FEMA CAMPS. These are the Guillotine prepared camps for the extermination of the faithful Martyrs. All races that are Christians will be put in the camps. The goal of NWO interrogator is to persuade you to give up the faith, deny Christ and switch over to the antichrist Kingdom. Rewards, bribes will be given to them who betray Christ. In the end Hell Fire awaits them. Sickness, plagues, disasters, will come upon the Beast Kingdom even as My word declares. My ministers (angels) will pour out the vials on the followers who worship evil. My faithful who endure to the end, the Overcomers will enter the intense brightness of My Glory without covering their faces. For they are transformed as ministers of righteousness: the Sons of God. 

          Prepare My saints now to fast and pray. The Lord says some of you will go back to your own countries. Some will stay to evangelize the Holy Remnant in America, for the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Eventually every Nation, Tribe and tongue will be given over to the Beast antichrist and the Christians will be martyred. If you worship the Beast and his Idol, receive his mark, there is no more salvation, you are eternally damned. 

          Tell Black Lives Matter they have sold out their people, deceiving them into believing this was the great Black man's victory over the white oppressor. The Black man will greatly suffer as a brute animal under the whip of the NWO. Tell the Black pastors, ministers not to give up the faith by capitulating to the Marxist-homosexual BLM organization. It will be up to the Black pastors to stand strong so they can lead many Black people from the BLM deception to Christ. The contrast between darkness and light will be blurred no more. There will be such a powerful spiritual awakening to the Light of Christ that it will blind them even as it did  when you entered into My Glory. Put your lamps on top of your tables. The hour is here when all flesh must be judged. Give yourselves wholly unto the Lord and His promise to uphold you, guide you and deliver you will stand. For My word is better than gold and all the treasures of Egypt. Ask Moses and Aaron when they looked upon Pharaoh's drowning army and their Nation desolate. So shall it be to all Nations who fight against the Lord in that day.  

                          I am with you to the end, the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of lords, The Prince of the earth.