To be a free people you must be a moral people.This means personal responsibility for your own actions. When you blame others for your own shortcomings, Make excuses, lie , steal , loot , murder (each other) , are racists, hate whites ( it"s all their fault ), you are an immoral people and cannot be free. Lawlessness must be punished, law and order must be upheld,  otherwise civilization ceases to exist. Do you want  to live where there is constant danger of robbery, drug dealing, gangs killing the innocent and each other, where a decent woman can't go out because she may be raped, assaulted, robbed? Where children are abused, pimped, recruited to every abomination. Do you want to see  your children in prison? You see black America when you keep playing  " it's never my fault, it's  whitey"s fault ",  you become racist, hateful, angry , bitter people and dangerous. Your leaders are from hell, Satanic priests who keep pouring this racist doctrines down your throats. Real men take responsibility for their own actions and are Fathers who teach their children to do the same. They get married, work, trust the Lord Jesus Christ and reach out to them that need help. There is no time to play the blame game when you live a righteous life. The police officer was beaten, injured and the young man tried to take his gun from him. You make this out to be a white officer full of racial hatred who just decided to gun down some black man. The youth is on film strong arming a store owner ( theft / assault ) just before he went after the officer. All this is public knowledge, Provable. Yet black America is blinded by their racial hatred, they rather loot , murder, burn down the neighborhood then do the right thing. The RIGHT THING Is to look at the evidence ( without racial hatred ) and see this young man with his " I DO WHAT I WANT, I TAKE WHAT I WANT AND THE HELL WITH YOU ATTITUDE " WAS GOING TO PUT HIM IN PRISON OR DEAD. Instead Black America rather continue in their racial hatred and riot, loot, burn, murder, lie, hate. You see this is why you cannot be free : IT IS A DEEP SPIRITUAL PROBLEM. Abe Lincoln set you free physically, but you must be free IN YOUR INNER MAN. Unless Black America ( and all America ) has a Christian Revival America will burn. FORGIVENESS IS NOT AN OPTION.   I pray the fathers and pastors, elders find the strength to preach the truth. IT IS THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE.
Jhn 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.                                                                                           His servant, Peter