This is why evil men prosper in their abominations. The senate needs to reign in this out of control administration, but they are a bunch of paid off cowards. They call for the resignation of men with backbone who stand up for truth and justice. They accuse Godly men of saying the president needs to be murdered. No truth, just liars and dissemblers trying to make it look like these Godly men want Obama murdered. No wonder, they cannot discern between good and evil. It is not murder to execute people after they are found guilty in a lawful court. That is called justice. Something these cowards know nothing about. The Lord Jesus Christ will be the final court of law for the ungodly. By then it will be to late. Repent now, stand up as men all ye worms with no backbone.      
Joshua Black for Florida house, district 68        WND article : Republican, Obama should be hanged                                                                                                      His servant, Peter