I was in Cuba around 2000 on a mission trip. It was very poor but loaded with churches. The well off churches had connections, you could tell. The Lord is well and alive in Cuba. One Pastor we visited lived with his family in the bedroom with a hot plate. The living room was packed with 70-80 people. We had to squeeze through to get to the front. They had to get permission from the government to sing. The fellowship among the persecuted saints is different then here in the states. Hardly no one had a car. There were foreign cars from Russia or Germany.To have bacon and eggs you had to go through the "black market". The penalty for butchering a cow (to eat) was 10yrs. in prison. Trying to get more food than your rations was 6 yrs. If you stayed at someones house without a religious visa they would confiscate that persons house. But the saints were on fire in the Lord. Originally we were to go into the prisons, but the Cuban government would not allow it. So we went through the churches from Havana to Santiago and back. Several of the pastors went down to Gitmo (Prior 911) to pray for rain for their was a great drought. It rained heavy for 3 days! Santiago had great forts on the sea with old cannons. We saw the ball and chains and barred cells for the slaves that were their 200 yrs. ago. As we went through the churches we would feed all the people, here testimonies, and give our own testimonies. 
in Havana in the basement of a large Pentecostal church they showed us many printing presses. The pastor was thrown in jail for preaching on the street. He got out and continued preaching on the streets. In the lobby of a hotel there were some ladies that wanted to meet us. We told them about the Lord Jesus. They prayed to receive the Lord and a church was birthed. It was a good trip. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Cuba. His servant, Peter  http://zionica.com/2014/09/08/cuba-cracks-christians/