To my brothers and sisters in Christ. Our anger does not work the righteousness of Christ. So we must discern what is God's anger and our own anger. Read how the prophets preached. Look at the Apostles writings. It is alright to hate sin with a holy hatred. Personally I believe that the Lord has watchmen that are called to preach a judgement type of gospel upon the sins of the nation and the sins of the church. This is even more urgent as we see the times and seasons we live in. Our God is a consuming fire. He will burn people in hell for eternity. It is only in the back drop of his wrath can the truth of the cross be magnified. His great love, mercy, forgiveness, grace. Literally the unsearchable riches of His glorious wealth. If some think this is to hard, just wait as the Lord pours out His Holy Spirit on the last day Apostles and prophets. The 2 witnesses will have a word of fire fire. If you can not preach abortion is murder or homo sex is an abomination, that marriage is honorable, the bed holy , but the whoremongers [ male prostitutes ], adulterers shall be judged, then what are you saved for if not to stand for the Lord? It's time that the soft church elders repent and get some HOLY BACKBONE. 
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