It is interesting to note that we are not to be held to laws even by judges who deem constitutional what is clearly immoral. Then the question arises, who decides what is moral? There can be only on answer : the LORD GOD. This is why people of pagan origin as : liberals, progressives, socialists, communists,fascists,secular humanists are unfit to hold office. Just look how they have changed laws in the last century to a completely lawless, indecent, amoral society. Only the fear of God produces moral behavior. We now have a society of SAVAGES. They want unbridled sex, anywhere, anyway with anything. This is their topmost priority to their godless lives. They sacrifice their children by multiplied millions. They pass laws to take the labor of hard working citizens to give to those who refuse to work. They hate the laws of the Lord Jesus Christ, his people and everything He stands for. They will not be satisfied till everyone is running around naked sniffing each others rear ends like dogs. This is why the antichrist is called the BEAST and his followers little beasts aka SAVAGES. While the real Christians are praying for their souls, they are planning on how to murder us. The LORD will allow this to go so far, then the Wrath of ALMIGHTY GOD will come down swiftly, suddenly upon the ungodly. He will come back to set up an EVERLASTING KINGDOM. We who trusted Him will enjoy Him and His people for eternity. May the LORD GOD give you peace, patience, temperance in waiting for our GREAT GOD AND SAVIOR; THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.                                                                                                                                                                               His servant , Peter       p.s. check out coming attractions. Mop of 17,000 pro abortion/ lesbians sexually abuse Catholics, vandalize the church and dance to their pagan gods on you tube.                         This is a comment to WND article : GUTSY                                                                                                                           STATE GETS SERIOUS 12/11/13