Why is there such a cover up of Muslim terrorism?  This moderate Muslim stuff is like a slow fuse. When push comes to shove will the moderates really do anything? Their god can't save nobody. He must have his followers beheaded, maimed, tortured, cut breasts off, murder, kill the infidel. What's the matter? does this god have trouble finding friends or followers to worship him that he needs to result to Savagery, barbarianism. Right now a Christian women sits chained to the floor in a  Sudanese dungeon with her 20 month old toddler and is 8.5 months pregnant. When she delivers the baby she gets 100 lashes for adultery  ( For marrying a Christian ) and then hung by the neck till dead. All she has to do is recant her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and go merrily along in this murder religion. May the LORD'S will be done. If she is MARTYRED SHE WILL RECEIVE A MARTYRS CROWN. I urge all Muslims to consider all the misery Islam has put on this earth with it's kill all who refuse their merciless god. You are no better than the Papacies INQUISITION in Europe. You are of the same Christ hating spirit : anti Christ. Give up your murderous god, repent and trust the only begotten of the Father; the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Muslims have found Jesus and have such joy, peace , love in them that they are martyred trying to tell their Muslim brothers and sisters of God's saving grace. In Christ you will know the forgiveness of your sins and heaven as your home. Call on Jesus now, he is waiting to give you a new life, ETERNAL LIFE.                                His servant, Peter             www.eternalvaluesminisyties.com     www.youtube.com/chaplainpeter1