All this is absolutely normal in an immoral world.Think of it this way; what is the height of rebellion against the God of the Bible? If you were the devil looking how to mar, pervert, destroy God's creation, what could be more perfect then to deceive world leaders into passing such laws. To encourage, council, push this abnormal idea that you can be another gender than that you were born is insane. Yet many are buying this lie of Satin. Like all good dictatorial tyrants the need to infect the youth is top priority. All who go along with this sick agenda will face the Lord Jesus Christ who will repay them to their face. The God of Love and Mercy would cease to exist if he did not condemn such rebellion. Yes, He came not to condemn us, but if you refuse to repent, obey the Lord, continue in these gross abominations, as a JUST and HOLY GOD who hates sin with a HOLY HATRED you will be judged to an eternity of gnawing and gnashing of teeth. Of course there is another way out: the world leaders can arrest the Lord Jesus Christ and His followers for HATE CRIMES. Psalm 2                                          His servant, Peter                                         WND ARTICLE