My heart is grieved over this tragic shooting. May the parents and relatives find comfort through the Lord Jesus. This is a sin cursed world. One day the Lord will return to lift the curse. There will be no more pain, crying nor death. In the mean time the LORD has given us a way to govern this earth. Laws must be upheld, punishment swift. If a man sheds mans' blood his blood must be shed: Gen.9. The reason given is because man is created in GODS' image. This is the 1st law in a civilized society.To bad that some think they know better than GOD, don't want his ways, even hate him. Now we need a commission to check out youth violence!?. This is laughable, but in reality very sad. When laws are not swiftly carried out, diluted,or changed to fit the current mindset of progressive liberty, it is more important to uphold the rights of criminals then the victims. 10 commandments: don't lie, steal,uphold marriage(normal), don't murder. etc. are considered to archaic for the children, but esp. the progressive, atheist mind. Forget prayer; God forbid! The ONLY HOPE for the world and America is for the Lords' people to repent and start crying out  to God. Without this judgement must fall. There is always hope in our Lord and Savior; the Lord Jesus Christ. May God have mercy upon the church.  His servant, Chaplain Peter.