There are a lot of people in the states and around the world who don't get it. I'm speaking of the super ultra rich who print our money, control education, medicine,pharma, TV, movies, media. They cause wars, depressions, inflations, manipulate stock markets, make laws, put presidents, senators and other strategic positions to bring about their luciferic plans of world conquest. They have no conscience. This is why the elite of the world go to the Bohemian Grove to "cremate their conscience" in a satanic Babel ritual of burning  an effigy( dummy) of a child inside a giant owl.  These are the evil one's in charge of our Nation.  They are trying to start a civil war, destroy the country so it can be invaded by foreign powers to set up their anti- christ system. Read the Protocols of the elders of Zion. If that doesn't wake you up, then you just don't get it. Whether they disarm us or not, it will not stop these luciferians. Only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can save you from hell. The real battle is for the souls of mankind. If you are a real Christian then you must know that their is a cost, a price to pay. That cost dear saint is your life and if the LORD calls for it let us be willing to lay it down as He laid His life down for us. May we glorify our Lord in life or by death as multitudes of saints have done throughout history. His servant, Chaplain Peter