Some men think they are women, some women think they are men. I have even seen mediums channeling dead people. The only problem is they are dead. Some believe they are George Washington, Ghandi, or Abraham Lincoln. I even met one that believed he was Jesus. He had to be hauled off by the police because he would tear his clothes off in public. Maybe he can get a bill past to give all of the above special status. How dare they discriminate , these bigots in congress! I think that laws should be enforced to make people believe { starting with the children } they can aspire to be who or whatever their heart desires. Under the constitution we are all supposed to be happy. Why can't we have sex in public streets, or parks? Why can't people just love the way they want. What is wrong with same sex attraction, or to dogs,cats, goats, cattle, children, horses, trees, chickens. We are a free people and  must ACT OUT our sexual fantasies. WE must start to petition Washington to genetically alter DNA to bring in new kinds of species, hybrids to have sex with. The aborted babies are perfect for experiments. WE THE PEOPLE must push for federal mandates immediately. No more will a man need to pretend he is a women, or a man. WE THE PEOPLE  WILL, WE MUST , HAVE THE REAL DEAL. LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM.     Isaiah 14:3-27; Ezekiel 28:1-19; Rev.17 &18            Chaplain Peter