As I look upon the American experiment of a Republic for the people and by the people, I cannot help to see the dismal failure it has become. Our founders knew history. They understood how monarchies, popery and different philosophies of  government worked. Many came from Europe who experienced first hand their atrocities. Even Islam was extorting large sums of ransom kidnapping American sailors. It was in this setting that the Founding Fathers put forth this great American experiment. A Republic is government ruled by law, a Democracy is rule by majority. Rule by law is the Judeo/Christian morality model. Rule by Democracy is the Luciferic model ( demoncracy). The republic model leads to decency, honor, work ethic, personal responsibility, freedom, property ownership and Godliness. There cannot be freedom in a lawless society. The break down in morals is directly related to lawlessness. God is not a capitalist or communist. However the moral character of God can be seen in the 10 commandments. If it is wrong to steal, then you must have ownership in order for it to be stolen. In communism you own nothing. This means someone else owns it and stole it from you. If adultery is wrong, then marriage is honorable. Heb.13:4. In communism the state is atheist. This is plainly spelled out in their constitutions. Therefore lying, stealing, adultery, blaspheme is in the eye of the beholder. There can be no set standards of right or wrong, good or evil. Even though there may be rigid standards of law, they must be based upon the whims and opinions of the ruling elite. Prov. 21:2. When a man's hope is what he can get away with ( survival of the fittest ) then it is no wonder destruction lies before them. All those who forsake the ways of the LORD are determined for perdition.Ps. 17:4.
Democracy is closes to communism. The rule by majority can be manipulated through public opinion. In the communist system they simply tell you what you can or cannot say. In a Democracy the ultra rich buy media outlets, appoint senators,  congressmen, presidents and control what we see and hear. This works very good under Capitalism. They even make people to believe this is their own ideas. For instance the Luciferic agenda to reduce global population to a "sustainable viability" does not go down to well with murdering BILLIONS of people. But what happens if murdering your unborn children is your RIGHT. Same sex marriage also reduces population growth. Since the 1980's over 20 million have died of aids, not to mention no life is produced from these unions. Just tell them this is who you are, God made you this way, I was born this way.  Do you not see how this is pushed by our government? Now it is your Right to contraception via government mandate. It is Satanically brilliant  (in a diabolical sense) how easily masses of people can be led to their own destruction thinking all the way how smart they are. 2Cor.4:4; 2Tim.2:26. This is the way rule by majority is played. The Luciferians( those who worship Lucifer) see that they can get more for their dollar in a Capitalistic system then Communist. This is why the old communist dictatorships are now SEMI-CAPITALISTS. THERE IS MORE MONEY in robbing working capitalists. In the old model the people were reduced to poverty and there is no money, just cheap labor. In the Capitalist model there are pension plans, 401k's, unions, entitlements, taxation to continually rob the people. This is the breaking of the 10th commandment: Thou shalt not covet. Extreme greed is Lucifer's trademark.Dan.11:37-39. Other commandments they break is the 1st & 2nd; Thou shalt have no other god's before me for I Am a jealous God. Idolatry, the worship of false god's, counterfeit messiahs, themselves, is a must since Lucifer is the original Rebel , in his rebellion against God.
 As we approach the Presidential election this fall we must be ready for anything. Riots could take place , a terrorist attack, staged or real, dirty bomb, bio-terrorism, great earhtquakes, epidemics, ect. are real possibilities, including MARSHAL LAW. THE FALL OF THE ECONOMY IS VERY NEAR. As a Nation we cannot destroy marriage and sacrifice innocent blood on the alters of sexual immorality and expect blessings. The LORD must judge sin. Israel could not get away with it, neither Sodom and Gomorrah. The LORD destroyed multitudes of Nations, but now it's the devil's time, that lying serpent of old. There really is no candidate to vote for with out compromising your faith in Christ., One is a Communist Muslim, the other a Mormon Missionary that believes Lucifer and Jesus are spirit brothers. Mormons and free masons are 1st cousins. So what is the true Bride Of Christ to do, vote for the lesser evil? Personally, I'm waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ. The world can do what they like, I'm keeping the faith.