I know that terrorists are trained to use the most simple ways to destroy with the least amount of money and manpower. In the United States we are an open society without walls. However, the breach in the wall is a great IMMORAL Gap. As we sink into more fornication, murder, corruption in our leaders, the LORD is lifting his hand of protection off of America.The saddest part is that many churches have left the LORD. They have traded in self sacrifice for self indulgence,greed,self glory. 1Tim.6:3-19   The pastors are teaching their congregations that God would not let them go through GREAT TRIBULATION. 2 Thes.1:4-10   Yet it is the only way to enter into the kingdom of God that we may be counted worthy. Today's theology is no suffering, give to get, fly out of here when the going gets tough. In short; EASY STREET. 2Tim.1-8   We who are watchman,( whom the Lord Jesus Christ has called ) have been warning the churches that the LORD does not play favorites, He is not partial.James2:1-7   If the early saints were thrown to wild beasts, so can we. If the saints were tortured, imprisoned, burnt at the stake, so can we today.Hebrews11   If the saints during the coming GREAT TRIBULATION (the left behind hoax 2Tim.2;18) are persecuted, hunted down, made a prey, so can we. Matt.24:3-14   It is high time for the churches to stop with their games. Pastors, I beg you, prepare your people for the slaughter. For the time has come that we may have to sacrifice our lives, just as the Head; The Lord Jesus gave himself for us, so now again the Body of Christ has the privilege to show their love toward Him, who loved us and gave Himself for us.Colossians1:20-29                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         His servant, Peter                                                                                   Article WND ;  Did U.S. dodge lone wolf