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August 16, 2017
The heathen cried out, save us, deliver us from the devils that terrorize us. Help us, we cannot live in fear of these witch doctors that control our lives through terror. So I sent an apostle, even Thomas to my people in India. Though he was martyred a church was established. Missionaries came to plant more, water, but it was I the LORD that gave the increase.  

           I sent a man to Peter and Carmen in West Palm Beach, Fl. with the Straightgate Preaching School, even orphans and widow's homes. I the LORD have provided for your churches even in difficult times. Continue and be blessed. Straightgate Preaching School is training many pastors to be bold in the faith in the face of many dangers from Hindu nationalists, Muslims and pagans. Your reward is great. Your churches are being established upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ the Chief corner stone. 

          The government of India will eventually move against my people. They will suffer much. Teach them to suffer with Christ in their churches / congregations. India is established on sound ground in the gospel.Yet I the LORD will raise up false prophets / witnesses against my people to try / test them. I prepare My Bride for glory. Very soon great changes are coming to India in the form of social experimentation. The homosexuals ( LGBTQ ) will rise up in India, laws passed to persecute saints with hate speech if refuse to marry or accept their perverse lifestyle. The chip / tattoo will be implemented first among the poor in India. Promises of prosperity, healthcare, better living conditions, jobs. Many will take THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Rev.13

                                    Warn the people of this demonic plot to damn their souls for eternity.                                                                 

Dan.11:32      And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen ( helped ) with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed..

You will suffer for this, but you will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as you enter the FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERING. Phillip.3:7-11.  

     The God of all comfort that gives My saints the Victory.  His servant, Peter


August 15, 2017
There is an agenda to take over the country by Sissifying, SODOMIZING the young men. Here is what needs to be done. A reign of TERROR against crime, traitors. Start executions, military tribunes. Obama, Soros, Clintons many in congress, senate need to be executed if found guilty for treason. The legal government must bring charges now against these communist pedophiles, put them on trial and if found guilty of treason swift military tribunal firing squad. If riots start the police, national g...
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August 8, 2017
 The LORD has come down to us, He has sent His angels to His churches. They look, they see, they report to the LORD.  

The plumb line is raised, the balances applied by His eternal standard of His righteousness. My churches are found lacking integrity. Truth, honesty are in the background. The righteousness of God is replaced with philosophies. Faith wanes, there is no power in My churches. Money, filthy lucre exalted. Covetous doctrines fleece My sheep. Fornication, adultery, abortion are com...

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May 29, 2017
Very interesting. When one considers the place FB and Google holds in this Mystery Babylon Mother of all Harlots ( prostitutes ) world system; aka NWO, Then it becomes apparent what the're up to.After successfully enslaving some 50,000,000 + people on food stamps ( not even counting all the illegals and refugees they plan on enslaving ) now let's proceed with the program. Remember, once you take their money, they own you. You will live the American NIGHTMARE, you will be free of pressure to p...

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May 13, 2017
Mr. David Knight and infowars staff, I' ve been watching you for a few years and have learned much. Thank you for your courage. However, you have bought into this narrative that sex between 2 consenting adults is no problem. This is how the perversions start;  fornication. During the sexual revolution of the 60's  marriage was not honored. Now in 2017 we see pedophiles sexually abusing very young children and  murdering them in Luciferian  rituals. When we understand that their is a Creator. ...

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October 8, 2016
We who understand freedom and it's basis in the Bill of Rights know that it was put their for one to speak his mind, just as Kohn has the right to express her views. When  some race or gendered orientation people don't want to allow our rights ( as their rights of free speech are allowed ) then we are entering the " TOILET ZONE " THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. For in the toilet zone are men who wear dresses and woman's makeup! They try to seduce your child. The very image of them can send a child into...

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September 28, 2016
We who understand freedom and it's basis in the Bill of Rights know that it was put their for one to speak his mind, just as Kohn has the right to express her views. When  some race or gendered orientation people don't want to allow our rights ( as their rights of free speech are allowed ) then we are entering the " TOILET ZONE " THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. For in the toilet zone are men who wear dresses and woman's makeup! They try to seduce your child. The very image of them can send a child into...

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August 31, 2016
I think there are some misconceptions regarding sin and it's consequences.Here are some scriptures. 
2Sa 12:13 
And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die. 
Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die. 
Because of David's adultery, murder, the LORD killed the child. 
Hos 1:2 
The beginnin...

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July 31, 2016

        I would like to share this with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. As we see the chaos of insanity spreading around the globe with homosexuality, Islam, butchering, murdering, raping. There is a plan to this madness.  
        About 15 years ago as I was volunteering in the chapel prison one of the officers approached me to share a dream. I knew it was from the Lord and asked him to pen it. Next week he handed me the dream on paper. Since then I could not locate it, but the ...

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July 20, 2016
We cannot forget the perpetrator who caused this misery for us,” referring to white Americans.   
Forget NO, FORGIVE YES. This is the problem. If you do not forgive you are in jail with the one's that offended you. When you hold a grudge/ offense against someone you are holding them in your jail ( of your mind ). You got them in prison and refuse to let them go for they offended you. What you don't realize is that you are the prison guard / warden having to stay in the prison to make sure th...

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 8 Week old Developing BABY,Heart beat - can be heard on office ultra-sonic stethoscope: Heart -Has been beating for one month. EKG- electrocardiogram can be done: Brain Waves - were measurable 2 weeks ago. Feels pain, grasps, sucks thumb, swims.                                                                                             I am  FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE... MY SUBSTANCE WAS NOT HID FROM THEE...AND IN THY BOOK ALL MY (body) MEMBERS WERE WRITTEN...                                         Psalms 139:14-16                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                              They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.    PS.94:21           Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils. And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.                                                                                                       Psalms106:37,38                   The sacificing of babies is nothing new. It is well recorded for 1,000's of years. Israel was commanded not to do the abominations of the nations around them. Dear reader are you sacrificing your sons and daughters   unto devils? Have you laid your child on the alter of self gratification? The lying devil will do anything and every thing to seduce you to kill your child.    ...He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him...                               Jn.8:44                                                        


             THE SHEDDING OF                      INNOCENT  BLOOD                             And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked him. But Jesus called them unto him, and said. Suffer  little children to come unto me, and forbid them not : for of such is the kingdom of God. Truly I say unto you, who so ever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.  Luke 18:15-17          Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.                                                                                                                                                  Matthew 18:10                        

             This lying devil is behind all the death, suffering in the world. He hates you with a cruel hatred, His desire is that you murder your children. The devil wants you to suffer in shame and guilt the rest of your life. He will convince you through fear and terror that murdering your child is the only way out. Then after the deed is done he will accuse you before God. This enemy is to strong to fight against.                      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood( humans),but against principalities, ... powers,...rulers of darkness of this world...  spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.  Ephesians 6:12                                          Now's the time to cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ for help. He will not let you down.  Believe the Lord Jesus, died for your sins ... was buried and rose from the dead according to the scriptures.                               1 Corinthians 15:3,4