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                                             AMERICAS FINAL DESTINY

Cannibalism was practiced in America by native Indian tribes. Oral traditions and archeological finds have confirmed this.  For this reason I the Lord sent Spain to conquer the land in Mexico and South America. The Aztecs and others were notorious for barbaric human sacrifices up to 20,000 a Day! The abominations were learned from their worship of demon gods. The same is true today of abortion. Practices of Homo sex, Trans sex, Drag queen sex, child sex, bestiality are learned from demons. I the Lord destroyed those civilizations. I gave America to European Christians to set up a government based on My word. The enemy soon subverted the May Flower Compact to set up their Constitutional Republic. This kind of government has been tried before in some measure in Greece as a Democracy. Manly P. Hall 33degree Mason wrote a book called the Secret Destiny of America. The secret is Democracy. After the Pilgrims came to set up Christian Government with a Biblical world view, many occultists flooded America. Free Masons, Rosicrucian's, Cabalists, spiritists backed by the Old European Aristocracy took over.   ( America's mystery beginnings )     ( Aztec human sacrifices )

We know from the writings of the Founding Fathers that most were not Christians. They had different ideas of Government. They abolished the Divine Rule of Kings. They did not want King George of England ruling over their 13 original Colonies. The Founding Fathers set up government " for the people and by the people." They threw in some Inalienable Rights saying it was from God. The truth is they did not want God's laws over them. They want rule by the People i.e. Democracy. Yet they insisted on every man's individual rights. They want the Lord's benefits, but without the Lord!   ( Hidden Faith of our Founding Fathers )

This brings us to the present day Biden Administration. It is slowly taking shape for what is the Final Destination for America : Antichrist Global despotic rule by Demon gods. This is the Old Roman Empire with it's Roman Priesthood bearing fruit in the Last Days. The 2 legs of Iron in Daniel's vision become the 10 toes of iron mixed with clay. As iron and clay do not cling to one another, so the Kingdom is partly broken, partly strong. The manifestation of the Antichrist Kingdom will rapidly increase as they have committed themselves to this end. The cruelty Of the Antichrist/Beast as he nears his appearing will reach its climax in his Coronation.   Rev. 6:1; 2Thes.2:3,4; Dan.11:36,37; 2:31-45
Covid-19 is the instrument to bring in this Evil Kingdom. The plan has been set up since the League of Nations, WWII, United Nations, Club of Rome, Operation Lockstep 2010, Agenda 2020, 2030, the Great Reset, Environmentalist movements.  You will witness an intense hatred toward Christians. The people of the earth start worshiping the Antichrist/Beast first through their Sexual Perversions and then through Trans Humanism i.e. Ai.  Trans Humanism is well on its way.  Soon the Lord will start the Judgments in the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ. As the Evil Ones increase their persecution of My saints, I the Lord will increase My punishments in My Wrath upon them. The saints are not appointed to My wrath, but to an everlasting inheritance. Teach and preach this for many have erred in a Pre- Tribulation Rapture, which thing I hate. 2Tim.2:15-18.  I the Lord have ordained all the things that are to come on the earth before the foundation of the world. In my heart it was made and I spoke the Word and the Word became flesh. My plans can never fail for there is no existence without Me. I Am the Eternal One having no beginning of days and no end of days. There is no God besides Me. I have created everything seen and unseen for My glory. Even Lucifer, the angels and every evil man have done My bidding in heaven and earth throughout time.   ( Fiona Barnett )  (Rapture videos)   

Rev.1; Jn1

Now it is time for the saints to take possession of the heavens and earth. The Usurper's time will soon be finished. This is why President Trump, the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential Election was taken down by fraud of the Lawless Ones. The Usurpers must come into power to bring in the Antichrist/Beast Kingdom. I the Lord will shake the earth. I will bring famines, starvation, plagues upon them. Their eyes and tongues will melt in their holes, plagues will eat their flesh. Zech.14:12.   The sun will scorch them. Rev.16:8,9.  Many die from Wormwood as the fountains of waters are radioactive. Rev.8:10,11.  My wrath is not directed at Mine Elect. Yet they will experience suffering, death. The enemy will cruelly persecute My saints as the calamities increase. They will be hated, blamed, shamed for not taking their vaccines. The enemy will deceive the people into believing  the Christians are behind this causing a mass pandemic from the UnvaxxedThis is now happening in England, Australia, Canada and America. FEMA detention centers known as Green Zones are being implemented to isolate the Unvaxxed spreaders of deadly Covid variants. This you and others will suffer at their hands. There is no room for dissenters in the Antichrist Kingdom. You will be killed. Give the LORD GOD and His Son glory that you are worthy to die for Him.  My saints must settle it in their minds to be Martyrs. Political victory in voter fraud and reinstating President Trump will not work.   Rev.16
The Lord is not pleased in His saints leaning on the Arm of the Flesh. Trust the Lord and His plan of the ages. Some cannot grasp that their plans are not the Lord's plans. They think I must bow to their prophecies. They prophecy out of their own hearts and give My saints false hope. Instead they need to be reading the scriptures, praying, fasting for the Holy Spirit to reveal to them the true sense of My plan of salvation for the saints. For whom I love I rebuke and chasten. Do you think that you can escape My scourging to perfect My holiness in you? Even My Son had to partake of the sufferings to bring many children to God. Heb. chpts. 5&12.  Pray, intercede for them in authority. This would even include Biden and Obama. Who knows whom the Lord will save. Paul made havoc of the church imprisoning and killing saints. The Lord called him to be a great apostle. Warn the saints of false political prophecies promising them victories, but rather to fight the good fight of faith, to run the race that they may obtain a  crown of righteousness. My plans are not man's plans.  The saints must be established in My Word that the righteous will suffer in this ungodly world. Preach, teach, never give in or compromise My Word.   

 Ps.146:3; Isa.30:1-3; Jn.7:17; 1Tim.2:1-4; Neh.1; Phil.1:28-30; 3:9,10; Rom.16:25,26                                                                                                                                                        


                                                                           The Holy One of Israel, The Lord Jesus Christ   

                                                                written as given to me by the Lord August 16, 2021,  His servant, Peter