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TERRORISTS ATTACK ISRAEL        prophetic dream Jan.17,2020

I woke last night after a bad dream. Prayed a while and asked the Lord for a prophetic dream. The Lord honored my request. Here is the dream.  
                      I saw a band of about 50 men traveling over mountains till they spied out a city. People were sitting at tables at an out door Cafe, some shopping, others walking around. It was a normal day, quiet, peaceful. Then suddenly men mounted on horseback attacked slaughtering men, women and children. The leader wore a white turban with a large red jewel on his forehead dressed in all white with leather straps across his chest forming an X, riding a black horse. Then they quickly retreated back to the mountains. A short while later I saw fiery projectiles like lightning flying into the city. The peaceful city was burning. 
                      I walked over to the mountains where the attackers were dug in. It was like I knew them and we were on very friendly terms greeting one another. Then I looked down and saw this large machine that from the top looked like the old radiators used to heat houses with boilers. This was where the fiery projectiles came flying out of. Men were setting up grenade launchers and other weapons. There were women and children there too. I went back to the city under attack. I was living there and loved the people. The lightning fiery projectiles were flying and there was fear upon people's faces. I told them there is only a small amount of people attacking us. 
                      Then I was walking with a man by a metal link fence and hit the ground as the projectiles were getting close. A house was burning and we helped put out the fire. I entered a very small house that was triangular in shape. Inside was a Buddhist monk lifting up his hands praying. When I saw this I lifted up my arms and loudly calling upon the LORD GOD of ISRAEL. Then I remember making a call to some one about the war. A man answered and said he didn't know what I was talking about? I thought I dialed a wrong number. Then I woke up and prayed.  


 The man dressed in white on a black horse is Mohammad. The terrorists are his followers. The LORD set me there to warn the people of Israel of the coming missile attacks. Men, women and children will die in the attack. These missiles are the projectiles that looked like fire and lightning raining down on the city. The attack will be blamed on president Trump for the recent assassination of Iranian Major General Soleimani. 
                   The Buddhist monk praying to his pagan gods represents the beliefs of much of the western culture including Israel. They Have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ ( the King of Israel ) who resurrected from the dead to grant forgiveness of sins, for strange gods who reincarnate as in the Eastern gods of India, Tibet, China, etc. My crying out praying to the God of Israel represents men that will start calling on Jehovah the Protector of His people in Israel. 
                 Israel will retaliate against Iran which will lead into the great wars of Gog and Magog to the final battle of  Armageddon with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The phone call I made to the man who knew nothing represent the secular political forces in power who know nothing and cannot help. We must call on the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL. Hallelujah!  His servant, Peter  (paste article in browser)