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                                           CAN CHRISTIANS HAVE DEMONS  

 I was saved at 20 and attended a Hyper dispensational church for about 17 years. I left that church and its hyper views. During this time I was involved in an ungodly, very carnal life. I knew I was saved and also knew I had to repent. On my 40th birthday, the Lord gave me a scripture. I looked it up. It was about Israel wandering for 40 years in the wilderness. The Lord definitely got my attention. I started praying and confessing my sins. One particular sin was fornication. I told the Lord I didn't want to be a fornicator or adulterer. I said, " Lord, bring me a wife or give me the grace to stay single." 

I was serious and fasted for 3 Days. At the end of the fast, as I went to sleep, the attacks started. It was evil. I was tortured, murdered, and abused. The first night in the middle of an attack, I cried out to the Lord rebuking the demon. Suddenly I shot up in the bed and felt it fly out of me. I heard a door slam. It was 3 am, and nobody was slamming doors. That devil was driven out, but there were more. For 3 nights after the fast, I did not sleep at all. Every time I would try to sleep the attacks started. 

The 3rd night I had enough. I thought my house was haunted. It did not occur to me I had demons because believers cannot have demons ( or so I believed ). As I was getting dressed to get out of the haunted house to sleep in the park or car, I had Moody Bible radio on. A woman was speaking. I found a paper in my back pocket. There was a particular sentence I read, If you fail to plan, you plan on failing. At the very same time as I read this, the woman on the radio said the same, word for word. I knew it was the Lord. 

So I made a plan and went to a 24-hour restaurant down the street. I drank coffee for a few hours and went home. The sun was rising and I was afraid to try to sleep so I prayed. My calendar reminded me I had a Job that morning to paint a house. After three nights of no sleep, I pulled myself together and went. The owner was a friend of mine, a devout Christian. What I didn't know is that he was a Deliverance minister at his church for 15 years. When I got to his house he asked how I was doing. I told him what was happening to me. He said, "It is demons". I argued with him about how could I have demons, I'm saved 20 years. 

He took me into his office and sat me on a couch. He pulled a chair up to me and opened his Bible. He read scripture: The wicked have no peace, they walked in dry places. It was the privilege of the saints to bind their kings in fetters and chains, etc., etc. This went on for about five minutes. Then I grabbed the cushions on the couch and started swearing at him profusely. He commanded in the Name of Jesus to drive out the demons. I started covering myself and screaming. This went on for 20-30 minutes, I'm not sure. When it was over I could raise my hands to praise the Lord. This was a sign of fanaticism at the Ultra Dispensational church and was not allowed.

Why do I bring this up? During the deliverance, I CRIED OUT, " PETER DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT. THAT'S FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT, HE RIGHTLY DIVIDES THE WORD OF TRUTH". It was an Ultra- Dispensational Devil! When false doctrines latch onto a believer's mind (strongholds) demons are behind it. The amount of Demonization depends on the Lord. Right after my deliverance, I met a beautiful lady at another church. We did things right before the Lord and were married six months later. She is from Mexico and it was prophesied for her to stay in Chicago where she would meet her husband. We have been married for 28 years. 

The pastor of the new church (Pentecostal) where I met my wife asked me to give a testimony on Sunday morning. When I finished the testimony you just read, he did not allow me to preach or teach anymore. I had to find another church. He could not accept the fact that believers can have demons. Oh,one last thing: Demons Hate Repentance.