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Rioting works: BLM vows to Continue Onslaught

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                           DOJ says your MAMA is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

I have heard of this theory before. What are supposed to be viruses that are transmitting infectious diseases from one person to another are actually "exosomes" produced from our own cells from toxins, poisons and stress. 

The truth is we know vey little even with great advances in Knowledge. There are however fallen angels that are for more advanced. Unfortunately there are MAD SCIENTISTS who seek out "occult knowledge" hidden from the rest of mankind. 

This is the last days scenario being played out before our very eyes and most people including Christians are clueless. This is the Mystery of Iniquity coming to its fulness in the soon revelation of the Beast/ antichrist in the coming Great Tribulation. Rev.13 The coming vaccines are counting, tracking world population using Nano Technology in preparation of antichrist appearance. Once you are tested for Covid -19 which has a very high false positive, you will be sought out to receive the vaccine. May the LORD GOD give us all wisdom in these trying times.

David Icke was the first time I heard this on London Real. He said there is no corona virus and it was the release of 5G that causes the cells in our body to produce EXOSOMES. This is Covid -19.    ( view video exosome theory above ). This video shows that after the release of new electromagnetic inventions pandemics took place! Covid-19 is the cover up of the truth that 5G kills people. The virus is used to vaccinate the world and 5G to track us. Absolutely ingenious, but evil.

Dr. Petrella, an Italian patriot who loves his people risks his career, life? He gives the meaning of COVID-19= CERTIFICATION OF VACCINATION ID AND THE 19 IS THE YEAR IT CAME OUT. Look up: " vaccine 2020 ID."