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  To the Executives of Youtube,  

                                                       I have decided your Video Platform has violated My Conscience, and most of all Grieves the Holy Spirit. Therefore Please close my Youtube Account, I don't need it. chaplainpeter1/  People who can still critically think, have some Decency left, know you are not a friend to America or to humanity. Your place in History will be Infamous. 

You have deceived the Public into believing they have 1st Amendment rights to post their videos on your Planform. Instead, We the People must walk on Eggshells through your Maze of Censorship. One word, not sanctioned by your Godless Ai searchers 
( that You Program ), one wrong thought, teaching that it is out of step with your Godless Agenda Cannot be allowed.  

Misinformation, Misinformation. Anything the Anti- Free Speech / Anti-Health Murderers: the WHO, CDC, FDA and other paid for entities of the Pharma Cartels' who then Censor to make their Billions on the Suffering and Death of the Cattle. We know where your Allegiance lies. It is not to the United States Constitution.  How many are Vaccine Injured, how many have died? Do you even care? 

When Virologists, Doctors, Scientists from around the world tried to warn the public of the Dangers of the Experimental mRNA Synthetic ( so called vaccines ) what died you do? You Censored them. Over 4 Billion people used as Guinea Pigs have been injected. When thousands of Doctors from around the world, many who successfully treated their patients with Hydroxychloride, Iverticimin and other cures that actually worked, Youtube Censored and removed them. Don't think because "you took orders" you will get away with this. 
                                  Remember the Nuremberg Trials
              Their Blood is on your heads, and all who participate in this Genocide.    

You allow all kinds of perverts, Sexual Diviates to promote Indecent filth.  Yet, if the Word of God is used to expose this Evil, it is Hate Speech and removed. All Lawmakers, Lawyers, Judges who create Lawless Decrees to Mutilate children, Teenagers, Adults, to Dismember, Burn the Unborn will answer to God.