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                                                   WASHINGTON  MONUMENT  DC   

 The date was  June 04, 2018. Woke up around 3am from a dream. Dreamed of deep state Lucerferian Cabal meeting in the top floor of the triangle. I remember seeing Dick Cheney, Bush jr., Hillary, Comey and Barac Obama. There were others I couldn't make out.  
Their meeting was how to proceed with their Lucerferian agenda in light of a Trump presidency. They were discussing false flags, blowing up things in America to move forward and not be arrested for their criminal activities. 
The Lord also spoke with me in a very urgent matter to make known their plans upon the American people. I specifically remember the Lord saying to pray, intercede so that many will not go to hell. Apparently a lot of people will die in what this ungodly Cabal has planned. 
The Washington Monument is an obelisk  it is opposite the Capital dome. It is set up as in Vatican 
of St. Peter's square. The obelisk is a phallus symbol. This is where many rituals, sacrifices, witchcraft and sorceries 
take place. There are many places in DC, but the monument is chief. Certain Occult Symbols draw demons. Here 
the rituals are performed to show their submission to these devils. In turn these devils give them power, wealth, 
nobility to rule over the earth. Their goal is to bring about the coming Lucerferian messiah; the antichrist of scripture. 

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.  2 Thes.2:4

Mecca ( Islam ), the Vatican ( Roman catholic ) and Washington DC. ( Masons ) are hotbeds of demonic activity. 
The Black Cube in Mecca where millions of Muslims circle around on their holy days is also in the UN.  
These religions fight against one another and together fight against the Lord jesus Christ.  
 Example : Catholic Crusaders and Islam fight against each other; yet both have persecuted and murdered millions 
of Christians and Jews.  
From these symbolic architectural strongholds they cast spells, incantations of sorcery, witchcraft upon the Nations 
of the world.