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                             Word to San Antonio Servicemen's Center

Though you are isolated and business is slow, you are not forgotten, I know all your labor and how you are diligent in your work toward the Lord. You must now press in. Go out on the streets to preach, pass out tracts and witness. The days are coming when you will not be allowed to preach or witness. Hate speech laws will come upon the Christian churches to silence them. The Servicemen's Center will be looked upon as hateful bigots along with pregnancy centers, churches and all ministries that uphold the sanctity of life and preach the evils of homo sex, trans confusion and many other perversions.  

The military is purging Christian Chaplains, officers, Christian soldiers that stand for the Lord. Laws will be passed by congress to shut you down. Riots will start again and destroy the S.A. and other Centers in America. The days are at hand where you will meet in secret fearing the police and authorities for crimes of hate speech/preaching the gospel.  

These are the days of vengeance says the Lord. For the evil ones go to persecute and harm my chosen. I will unleash upon them the plagues, earthquakes, disasters and calamities.Their own Climate change and Global warming scams will become reality as I pour my judgment on the wicked. You are entering the Great day of Persecution, the Great Tribulation/Inquisition. Be faithful unto the end and you will receive a Crown of Glory. 


Unelected World Government                          The Prince of the earth, the Lord Jesus Christ

   Elon musk and family members poisoned by Booster                         Writen on Jan.23,2023 as given me by the Lord, His servant Peter.                         

 Sudden increase in Mass death